We know that basketball can teach many leadership and faith lessons.  We are deliberate in helping our players bridge those two pieces of life together by emphasizing FAITH, FAMILY, LIFE-LONG LEADER LEARNING, and BASKETBALL.



Small Group Workouts

These groups are designed to progress towards adding a player’s individual skills into a team setting. Each player has his/her own accountability skill set which helps them continue to progress in their journey.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are where we work to master the player’s individual skill set.  We have a very unique process that allows the athlete to see and feel the difference in their development.


Our camps are very detailed with various skill development and progression systems that lead to players improvement. They will be able know and understand the How, Why, When, and Where of every skill taught.

GA Pro

We develop NBA and International players of all levels year-round to expand and develop their games in preparation for summer league, training camp, and for upcoming seasons. Our staff focuses on the individual player, creating a customized program designed to maximize development and improve each player’s game.

Team Clinics

After doing research on hundreds of coaches, we have narrowed in on what most teams need to improve.  Most teams need help in being more efficient, smart and aggressive.  Our clinics are design to improve your team in all 3 of these areas.


Need a team pep talk before the season or playoffs? Coach O and the Genesis Team are trained on how to bring the best out of your players and team synergy.  Contact us today to book.

What Others Say

“Brandon O excites me. From the time I met him until the present, he has gotten better and exploded as a skills coach. He is one of the best I have seen in Texas! Train with him!!”

– Ganon Baker, NBA/Nike Skills Development Trainer

What Others Say

“Coach Osborne pushed me through my mental and physical barriers. I have worked with many professional trainers but it was a deeper connection with Coach Osborne, he puts in everything he has all his knowledge all his passion and effort is put out on the court. Each workout was very organized ahead of time and put together with drills that helped my weaknesses but also my strengths. He showed me so much more than just what outsiders see to the game of basketball.”

– Jared Merrill (Former Pro Player/Assistant Coach Mercer University

Years in Services

# Players Influenced and Counting

About Genesis Athletics

We often get asked what sets our training apart from a player just creating their own workout that they found on Youtube or that they learned in practice.  We even get asked how are we different from other trainers.  Our answer?

There are several things that make our training unique:

  • Our Curriculum is infused with top-level basketball knowledge that is used by professional basketball players all over the world.
  • Our Workouts are custom designed to give the player a maximum workout experience.
  • Our Trainers receive continued education to bring the most cutting edge material to the players.


However, none of those thing is our true emphasis.  We have a shirt that says, “Pray. Eat. Hoop. Repeat.”  That’s right, hoop isn’t #1!


At GA, we don’t do what we do for the money or the fame.  We do what we do to give glory and honor to God.  We realize that basketball is an international language that reaches all people, and if we can use it to bring those people closer to the Almighty, then…LET’S HOOP!  Coach Brandon Osborne has created a one-of-a-kind curriculum designed to create better players, students, and most importantly Christians on and off the court.  We have proudly served thousands of young people to become not just better players, but better people.  That’s the G.A. way!

Making Better Players

On & Off The Court

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us today with any questions.  We are happy to discuss our player development process and give you any information you need.

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